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The SEN@CIIS Information and Referral Service offers support and resources for individuals experiencing difficulties with their spiritual growth. Trained graduate students in the School of Professional Psychology respond to each caller, providing assistance and educational information regarding spiritual emergence. The staff can also make referrals to licensed mental health professionals in the caller's area.

The SEN@CIIS mental health professionals are members of the National Referral Network. They are respectful of spiritual experience, familiar with a number of spiritual traditions and indicate that they are qualified to work with at least one of the following areas of difficulty:

Loss or change of faith
Existential and/ or spiritual crisis
Experience of unitive consciousness or altered states
Psychic Openings
Near-Death Experience
Shamanic journey
Difficulties with a meditation practice

Drawing on transpersonal psychology and the knowledge from the spiritual traditions which have investigated the stages and characteristics of spiritual growth, the mental health profession in the United States is beginning to understand that some of the characteristic of spiritual development can be confused with symptoms of mental illness. When accurately understood these characteristics can be recognized as evidence of the normal, potentially life-enhancing aspect of human development.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the SEN@CIIS National Referral Directory, leave you name and address and a request for National Referral Directory information at 415-648-2610.

The Spiritual Emergence Network was founded in 1978 by CIIS professor, author and psychiatrist Stanislav Grof and his wife, Christina. It was originally housed at Esalen. Then it moved to the campus of the Institute of Psychology, and to Santa Cruz for several years. Currently, the Spiritual Emergence Network at the California Institute of Integral Studies (SEN@CIIS) is an innovative partnership in mental health education and services. Utilizing the 20 year old resources of the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) and the educational resources of CIIS, The SEN@CIIS Project offers a practical and powerful solution to a significant deficit in mental health care and professional psychology education - the lack of application of spiritual and transpersonal models of human development to training, diagnosis and treatment. Until recently, the result of this deficiency has been widespread misdiagnosis and mistreatment of spiritual development, a life and society enhancing aspect of human growth.

The unique opportunity and solution presented by SEN@CIIS is provided by the partnership of three constituents:

1. The spiritual emergence population - individuals nationwide who call the Information and Referral Service of SEN@CIIS to seek support during times
of psychospiritual difficulty or crisis.

2. Students and faculty in the School of Professional Psychology at CIIS

3. Licensed mental health professionals who are learning to include a spiritual perspective in their diagnosis and treatment. These professionals form the membership of the National Referral Directory of SEN@CIIS.

This partnership of spiritual emergence clients, CIIS students & faculty and licensed professionals brings together the three necessary elements required to develop better training, valid research and more effective care. Since spiritual growth is recognized to include greater capacity for compassion, clear thinking and ethical action, the potential benefit to the individual, community and the world is significant. Supporting SEN@CIIS provides the donor with the opportunity to nourish this national resource directly but supporting education, research and client care in this emerging field. In addition this support helps position CIIS as the only accredited institution of higher learning to offer professional training in spirituality which includes reliable access to the population of individuals seeking assistance with spiritual growth and licensed professionals dedicated to this field.

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