Courses In Forgiveness

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Until the 1980s the theory and practice of forgiveness remained largely the province of the world’s religious and philosophical traditions. However the topic has recently attracted the increasing interest of researchers and clinicians. Starting in the mid 80’s, along with the emergence of the Positive Psychology movement, forgiveness found a new home within psychology, and research on forgiveness began in earnest. The health benefits have been well-documented and approaches to forgiveness have been developed that therapists can currently drawn on in their work. These courses focus on spiritual approaches to forgiveness, contemporary research and clinical applications.


Instructors for Courses In Forgiveness:

Gary Buck, PhD

Gary is a graduate of Meridian University’s Doctor of Psychology program and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Religion from Princeton University. He is a post-doc intern at the Child Therapy Institute in San Rafael and Petaluma, where he sees children, adults and families. He has participated in trainings led by Zindel Segal, PhD in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, by Richard Miller, PhD in Yoga Nidra/Integrative Restoration, and completed an internship with Saki Santorelli in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the U. of Mass. Medical School.

 A Buddhist meditator of nearly 40 years, he currently practices in the Vajrayana tradition where his main interests are Mahamudra and Dzogchen. He is a former Buddhist monk in the Thai Theravadan tradition. Gary is a former Managing Director and Board member of the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts and a former Associate Director of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County. 

David Lukoff, Ph.D.

Dr. Lukoff is a Professor Emeritus of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and a licensed psychologist in California (PSY 8707) whose areas of expertise include treatment of schizophrenia, transpersonal psychotherapy, spiritual issues in clinical practice, and case study methodology. He incorporates many spiritually oriented approaches in his clinical work including meditation, compassion training, and guided imagery as well as leading groups on spirituality He is author of 80 articles and chapters on spiritual issues and mental health; co-author of the DSM-IV/DSM-5 category Religious or Spiritual Problem; and he maintains the Spiritual Competency Resource Center at

He has served on the faculties of Harvard, UCLA, Oxnard College, California Institute of Integral Studies, Sofia University, and Saybrook Graduate School, and been an active workshop presenter providing training for psychologists in spiritual competencies in areas such as loss and grief (UC Berkeley), death and illness (SSU, CIIS), spiritual problems and emergencies (Esalen, CSPP, CIIS, SSU,JFK) as well as in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Kyrgystan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, and England.

Available Courses in Courses In Forgiveness:

  • Forgiveness I: Spiritual Perspectives on Forgiveness

    Gary Buck, PhD | David Lukoff, Ph.D. | Long before the advent of the modern Western discipline of Psychology, with its empirical approach to knowledge and clinical applications, forgiveness has been a potent theme in the world’s religious traditions. The clinical applications of forgiveness, as studied by contemporary psychologists, are grounded to a significant extent in the perspectives on forgiveness and forgiveness practices of the world’s religions. This course examines the beliefs and attitudes towards forgiveness found in various religious traditions. CE hours: 1.00 | fee: $10.00

  • Forgiveness II: Forgiveness Pioneers in Western Psychology

    Gary Buck, PhD | David Lukoff, Ph.D. | Since the 1980s, the study of forgiveness and its expression as psycho-therapeutic and psycho-educational interventions has been a growing field within Psychology. This course introduces a psychological definition of forgiveness and describes the contributions of three major pioneers in the field. CE hours: 1.00 | fee: $10.00

  • Forgiveness:III: Psychological Research on Forgiveness

    Gary Buck, PhD | David Lukoff, Ph.D. | Since the mid 1980s, psychological research on forgiveness has seen an accelerating growth. This course reviews the published research literature on forgiveness including its mental and physical health benefits, cognitive and neuropsychological aspects, and practices that enhance forgiveness interventions. CE hours: 1.00 | fee: $10.00

  • Forgiveness IV: Self-Forgiveness

    Gary Buck, PhD | David Lukoff, Ph.D. | This course explores the practice of self-forgiveness in a clinical context including research on this intervention. CE hours: 1.00 | fee: $10.00

  • Forgiveness V: Forgiveness in Marriage and Cautionary Views

    Gary Buck, PhD | David Lukoff, Ph.D. | This course explores the use of forgiveness interventions in the context of marriage along with some cautionary perspectives concerning forgiveness as a psychotherapeutic intervention. CE hours: 1.00 | fee: $10.00