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Introduction to Course
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Lesson 1 -
Background DSM-IV Religious or Spiritual Problem (V62.89)

Lesson 2: Religious Problems –
2.1 Religious problems
2.2 Loss or questioning of faith
2.3 Changes in membership, practices and beliefs
2.4 New Religious Movements and cults
2.5 Terminal and life-threatening illness

Lesson 3: Spiritual Problems –
3.1 Spiritual emergence
3.2 Spiritual problems
3.3 Mystical experiences
3.4 Near-death experiences
3.5 Meditation and spiritual Practices
3.6 Psychic experiences
3.7 Visionary experiences
3.8 Shamanic crisis
3.9 Alien encounter experiences
3.10 Possession experiences

Lesson 4 -
Co-Occurrence with Mental Disorders

Lesson 5 -
Differential Diagnosis

Lesson 6: Therapeutic Interventions –
Lesson 6.1 Spiritual Crises
Lesson 6.2 Psychotherapy

Lesson 7: Online Resources –
Lesson 7.1 Online Resources
Lesson 7.2 Searching Medline


WWW Library of Religion and Spirituality
Case Library

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